D-56  Dispenser to plasterroll

A popular dispenser for an easy way to cut the size of the patches you need, wide or narrow, you choose yourself. A practical, simple, economical and flexible system! Mounted on the wall! Made of clear acrylic plastic.

The Dispensers are avaible in: 6cm.  

Suites all kind of 5m plasterrolls! 


  • D-56                3000-1

EasyOn dispenser and strips

EasyOn dispenser is made of transparent and durable plastic. Easy to use. Along with EasyOn patch refills to get a good plaster systems. With a simple grip change to refill. Mounted on the wall.

EasyOn strips fits EasyOn dispenser and with a simple operation replace the refill. Gently pull down the lower edge of the patch to loosen the top of the patch  - ready to assemble.

          EasyOn refills are available in three different types

  • PU plastic  Blue- elastic            Ref no 3358-25EO
  • Blue Detectable Fabric             Ref no 3360-25EO
  • ​Fabric plaster                             Ref no 3361-25EO

Blood-stop spray  alginate       

Blodstopp spray for the treatment of surface wounds. Contains a haemostatic absorbent powder that stops bleeding. Blood-stop spray to stop capillary and small venous bleeding typical injuries such as lacerations, abrasions and small cuts.

Active substance: calciumalginat, Aloe Vera, Jojoba wax och Seaberry oil support natural hydration

  • Bloodstop spray  60ml       Ref no:  3130

Plastic dressing spray

Plastic dressing spray provides a protective barrier against dirt and pollution. Sårplast spray reduces the risk of infection, protects against water and dirt, which provides a safe showering and stay in wet environments or dusty and dirty workplaces, single convenient and safe to use.

  • Plastic spray  60ml         Ref no:  3140

Burn plaster / dressing

Treatment of small burns and after-treatment of burns

Pharmagel hydrogeldressing - moist wound healing   

  • Pharmagel is a transparent gelkompress - 60% of water in the gel pad
  • Pharmagel Burn plaster cools, soothes and reduces pain
  • Promotes the healing process and reduce scarring
  • The dressing has a self-adhesive polyurethane film

Ref no:  4565-C          45x75mm

   4575-C          75x100mm


A self-adhesive foam - 6x450cm

  • It stick to itself when you wrap it around the items ex. a finger
  • It does not stick in the wound area and not in the hair
  • SuperSoft is elastic and comfortable to wear, good for example. fingertip

Ref no:  3385-B          Blue

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